Step One

In Rob Bell’s book How to Be Here: A Guide to Creating a Life Worth Living, he talks about the need to focus only on the next step. Too often, we freeze up when we think about every step it will take to achieve our dreams.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been considering what life will be like after my current IT job. I love what I do, but I also know what I want for the next phase of my life.

I started by asking myself the question, “If you won the lottery, what would you change about your life?”

The first thing that came to mind… A flexible schedule. I have plenty of PTO, holidays, etc. , but my husband is retired, and I love riding horses, which is very weather dependent. The one thing I don’t love about my job is being tied to a desk 7AM to 4PM Monday through Friday.

It would be nice to adjust my schedule each season, so I can ride my horse at the best time of day. In the summer, I like to ride in the morning. In the winter, I like riding in the early afternoon.

It would also be nice to work four days a week instead of five or to schedule the occasional day off just because, both of which I can do if I work for myself. I’d love to have more time for prayer, photography, family, and my dogs.

When it comes to the work itself, it would be nice to be focused more on helping people directly. My company has a great purpose, and I get to support that, but it would be nice to be closer to the people being helped.

It would also be nice to actually use my MA in English and write and speak as a part of my career. I miss doing both.

After two years of exploring different options, I knew I wanted to be a Health Coach. It took another six months of exploring different programs to settle on the right one for me.

So now I’m taking step one. I’m training to be a Health Coach.

While I won’t officially start my work as a Health Coach until February 2020, I’ll be sharing my personal health story and journey here, including some of my favorite recipes, some of my more spectacular failures, and my important victories and milestones.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, taking it one step at a time. Peace & blessings my friends!

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