Our Reboot with Joe

I mentioned in my post on Monday that my husband and I were in the middle of a juice fast. I also mentioned the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross.

Re-watching the film inspired my husband and I to do a 7-day juice fast to help him kick his sugar addiction and to help me jump start my summer health goals.

We actually started with the intent to do a 14-day reboot but decided a 7-day would be enough, since we’re relatively healthy and have less that 30 pounds to lose. We also decided that instead of going right into a whole food plant-based diet we would ease back to eating one meal at a time.

During the first 10 days, we weighed ourselves every day. We’re now weighing in once a week. After the first 10 days, he lost 9 pounds, and I lost 7.4 pounds. He lost 2 inches from his waist, and I lost 4.

That isn’t bad considering his total weight loss goal is 27.6 pounds and mine is 24.6. In just 10 days, he’s 33% and I’m 30% to completing our goals.

Our weight loss naturally slowed some when we added a meal back in, but we were still averaging about half a pound a day. We had three rules for our once-a-day meal. First, we eat at midday. Second, it’s 100% whole food plant-based. Third, it’s at least 50% vegetables.

I will say this was HARD! I have been eating an increasingly healthy diet for about a decade, which means my husband has been forced to as well. He has done more cheating, buying cookies on trips to the store or having a cheeseburger while out for lunch with one of our daughters.

I knew he would have a tough time beating the sugar addiction, but I honestly thought, “I’ve got this!” I was not prepared for the hunger or the lack of energy. The prep we did made it easier, because there was NOTHING to eat in the house but juice or juice prep foods.

Doing it together made it easier too. Still, I would not recommend this for anyone without a support system in place. It’s a great way to reboot your system and get healthy, but I would recommend paying the money to have support, which you can do with Dr. Joel Furhman or Reboot with Joe.

What are you doing this summer to get healthy?

Happy Eating!

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