Homemade Dog Food

1 lb meat, chopped or ground
1 15oz can no-salt-added beans, black or kidney
6 cups water
3 cups rolled oats
30 oz frozen vegetables

In a 4 quart slow cooker, add meat, beans, water, and rolled oats. Stir together. Fill to top with frozen vegetables. Cook for 4 hours on high or 6 hours on low, stirring every 45 minutes to an hour.

Cool before serving. Will last refrigerated for up to a week, and can be frozen for longer storage. Recipe makes 16 cups. Give 1/2 cup two times per day per 25 pounds. (My 150 dog gets 3 cups twice a day. My 100 lb dog gets 2 cups twice a day.)

You weren’t expecting a dog food recipe were you? 😀 I get a lot of requests to share this recipe. It has cut our dog food cost nearly in half AND made our dogs more healthy. I’m sharing it here, because the reason I use it perfectly illustrates the most important point about healthy eating.

For two years, we fought weight and dental issue with my sweet boy Bear. Bear is my first therapy dog and came to me during a time of significant loss and grief. If I could make him live forever, I would!

Despite giving him the absolute minimum amount of every recommended weigh loss food, he continued to gain weight. He went from a healthy 95 pounds to 122 pounds. The poor guy was hungry and getting fatter by the minute.

Despite brushing his teeth and feeding him daily dental chews, he continued to have tartar build up and gum disease. The teeth cleanings and chews alone were killing our budget.

After moving and getting a lecture from our new vet who doesn’t know how much I invest in our dogs, I decided it was time to apply the principles I’ve learned on my own health journey to Bear’s health. I know I’m not a dog, and he isn’t human, but if it improved my health to improve the quality of my food, I figured the principle was sound for any species.

So I started searching the web for dog food recipes. Most of what I found was for small dogs, so I had to take what I could find and experiment until we found the right recipe and amounts.

The results? As of his last vet visit, Bear lost 11 pounds in 5 months. He eats a large bowl of food twice a day. He has almost as much energy as he did at 2! He’s even playing with the puppy and playing catch again. His teeth are even getting better.

Dumping processed food did wonders for my health, and now it’s doing wonders for my dog’s health. Imagine what it could do for yours!

Happy Eating!

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