Vegan Gravy

1 cup meatless crumbles
1/3 cup flour, preferably whole grain
3 cups unsweetened almond milk

Brown crumbles. Sprinkle flour over the crumbles. Slowly pour milk into the pan, stirring as you pour. Cook, stirring until the mixture thickens.

Since giving up our three-times-a-week Cracker Barrel habit, the one thing we’ve really missed is biscuits and gravy. Let’s face it… Biscuits and gravy are the best comfort food in the south. 😀

Generally, I’m the one to try new recipes. He’s just not that adventurous in the kitchen. But he’s been wanting to try his hand at vegan biscuits and gravy. We mostly eat a whole food plant-based diet, but we do occasionally indulge in some vegan meat substitutes.

We haven’t found the right biscuit recipe yet, but this gravy recipe is perfect. It’s simple, easy, and tastes great… If you remember to use unsweetened almond milk. My husband’s first attempt tasted awful, because he used his vanilla almond milk instead of my unsweetened almond milk.

He likes his gravy loaded with the meat and extra thick. To get it that way, add an extra half cup of crumbles and stir a little longer until it thickens more.

Happy Eating!

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