Pain, Gut Health, and Progress

It’s been a very busy week. Aside from my “day job,” I’m going to school, writing a book, building a business, and finding time for my dogs, equines, and husband. It’s a crazy but full life that I wouldn’t change for anything. It’s also just a season that will be followed by my idea of retirement: running my own business.

I’m currently about halfway through the first draft of my memoir Broken Table, telling the story of my relationship with food. What I’ve been working on this week are the two chapters on my relationship with my Dad, which deeply shaped my relationship with food.

He was raised on a cattle ranch, which shaped the highly carnivorous diet of my youth and young adulthood. He also died a very slow, painful death, which was one of the catalysts for my health journey. Reliving all those memories has been an emotional roller coaster ride.

I’ve also been studying gut health and the immune system in my health coach training program, both of which I find tremendously interesting. In fact, I find them so interesting that I had to get on Facebook and share!

All of the knowledge and memories have been great motivation to push things to the next level.

My typical pattern is to loose weight and get in share over the warm months and then hunker down for the cold months with sweets, pizza, and good book. Last winter was the first winter of my adult life where I didn’t gain weight. Instead, I lost 4 pounds. Not much, but a huge victory for me!

This winter, my goal is to keep up the progress I’ve made this year (19 pounds and 8″ down) by staying off the sweets and hitting the gym. I made an appointment two weeks ago with one of the trainers at Planet Fitness to design a program for the winter months.

For two weeks, I’ve been getting up at 4:30 AM and getting to the gym Tuesday through Friday before work. On Saturday, I “sleep in” and head to the gym at 6:30 AM. I’ve been so encouraged by how many people are at the gym that early!

I never thought I would ever be a morning person or a gym person, but I’m honestly loving this routine! Maybe it’s the exercise at the start of the day or having an excuse to go to bed early when it starts getting dark or all the time I have for audio books and podcasts while working out, but I’m finding myself energized and looking forward to my gym time.

How is your life changing as the season change? What can I help you with? What are your main health concerns as winter approaches?

Happy Eating!

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