30 Day Health Challenge – Day 3

On Day 1, we figured out our starting point by measuring our waists. We also started tracking our food, water, and exercise. On Day 2, we figured out why we’re here and what we want to accomplish, exploring our intention.

Today, I challenge you to eat one meal with nothing by whole foods and to share a picture here or on Facebook.

For the next 7 days, we’ll be addressing nutrition. You can’t out run or out lift a bad diet, so we’re going to start there.

You’ll notice that none of our challenges ask you to give anything up. As a health coach, I prefer to focus on positive changes that add things to your life. As you do that, you’ll make better choices and eventually give up or limit unhealthy habits on your own.

Lasting change happens when we add good habits not when we try to restrict ourselves. If I tell you no more chocolate cake, all you’ll think about is chocolate cake. If I challenge you to eat more broccoli, you’ll be more full and eat less chocolate cake on your own.

Why Whole Foods?
First, whole foods are higher in micronutrients than processed foods. Micronutrients provide our body with the building blocks we need to burn fat, repair cells, and build muscles. Micronutrients slow the aging process, keep us from getting the flu, and give us more energy, all of which we like. 🙂

Second, whole foods are higher in fiber. Fiber keep us regular, which let’s face it keeps us happier too! It also protects our body from colon cancer and sugar spikes that can lead to insulin resistance (diabetes). Fiber also tells us we’re full, so we eat less. Kind of a natural diet pill.

Third, whole foods have a lower caloric density than processed foods. Caloric density is the calories per volume and is usually measured as calories per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of food, which means that you get more food for less calories.

Last but not least, whole foods have less chemicals and less sugar. We’ll talk more about sugar later in the challenge.

For my official whole food meal, we’re having black bean burgers that my husband makes from scratch on whole grain buns. Check out the Facebook group for a picture!

(NOTE: To be whole grain and thus whole food, the ingredients have to be whole foods like whole wheat semolina, and when you divide the carb count by the fiber count, you should get 5 or less.)

Happy Eating!

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