30 Day Health Challenge – Day 14

We’re on the last day of our physical activity focus. Today, find 30 minutes for strength training exercises.

Not only does strength training make you stronger and fitter, it also protects bone health and muscle mass, increases the calories your body burns at rest, helps you develop better body mechanics, boosts energy levels, and improves your mood.

Again, you have to start where you are. I lift at the gym three days a week and am working on increasing weights periodically, but I’ve been working towards this for several years. If you aren’t ready for that, try a beginner’s yoga routine or beginner’s Pilates.

I started my journey with–don’t laugh–8 minute abs, legs, and arms, all of which you can still get on YouTube. I liked it, because it provided variations for any level. Of course, when I first started, I couldn’t even make it through the full 8 minutes.

Just like cardio, find something you enjoy and look forward to.

Happy Eating!

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