30 Day Health Challenge – Day 16

Yesterday we explored our romantic relationships. Today, we’ll explore family relationships.

For me, family relationships have been both the source of love and support and the source of toxicity in my life, which I suspect is true for most of you as well. It took many years to sort through how to handle those toxic relationships and focus on the positive family relationships in my life.

In my immediate family, my husband and I both came into our marriage with plenty of baggage, including four children and three exes. For years, figuring out how to co-parent and navigate around our exes created more drama than either of us care to admit. Again, it took years to figure it out, and we still struggle sometimes.

The key for me has been taking the time to really evaluate family relationships and decide what works and doesn’t work for me. Family has such a huge impact on our happiness that it’s a crucial part of being healthy.

Take some time today to consider the following questions:

  • Who in my family can I most count on? Why?
  • Who in my family am I most grateful for? Why?
  • Who in my family will always make me laugh? Why?
  • Who in my family drives me the craziest? Why?
  • What do I need most from my family?
  • Am I getting it?
  • What can I do today to make myself feel more supported?

Happy Eating!

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