30 Day Health Challenge – Day 17

We’ve talked about romantic relationships and family relationships. Today, we’ll spend the last day of our focus on relationships talking about friendships.

Friendships can often be the relationships that fill in the blanks of our emotional needs. It’s important to remember that no one person can fill all our relationship needs, and our relationship needs change over time as we change.

Friends can provide touch in the form of a hug when we’re feeling lonely. They can provide a sense of intimacy when we’re single and in need of deep connection, because sex, love, and intimacy aren’t the same thing. Friends can even fill the roll of family when we don’t have one or can’t live with the one we have.

Take a few minutes today to consider the following questions:

  • What friend will always answer when you call/text?
  • What do you love the most about your closest friend?
  • Do you have friends you consider family?
  • Is there a friend you’ve been missing lately?
  • Is there a friend that drifted our of you life recently? What happened?
  • Is there a new friend in your life? How did you meet?
  • What friend would you most like to talk to today?

Happy Eating!

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