30 Day Health Challenge – Day 18

We’ve been spending the last seven days on physical activity and relationships–two of the four primary foods surrounding the Integrative Nutrition Plate. Today and tomorrow, we’re going to explore another: Career.

We spend the majority of our waking hours working, so work has a deep impact on our emotional and mental well-being, which in turn effects our physical well-being. To be healthy, we either have to do what we love or find a way to love what we do.

Today, I want you to think about your dream career. Vision what you would do if money weren’t an issue, and you could do whatever really excites you. Get very specific about what the career looks like. Imagine your office, your hours, your daily activities. Write down every detail you can.

Now that you’ve envisioned your dream career, what’s keeping you from achieving it?

Happy Eating!

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