30 Day Health Challenge – Day 19

Yesterday, we visioned our dream job, what we would do if we didn’t have to worry about money. Today, we’re going to explore what we can do to make our current job something we love.

First, make a list of everything you’re grateful for in your job. Include everything you can think of, even if it’s something small like the company pens. 🙂

Now, think about your biggest frustration at work. What is it? Why does it drive you so crazy? Is there a way to fix it? Maybe a process that could be put in place, a request to your boss, or another position in the company? If you were your boss, and someone came to you with the same issue, how would you resolve it?

Last but not least… How can you get more of what you love in your job and less of what you don’t?

Happy Eating!

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