30 Day Health Challenge – Day 28

We’ve talked about physical activity, spirituality, career, relationships, home cooking, and home environment. Today, we’re going to explore creativity.

You might think only artists are creative people, but all of us are creative people and need to explore creativity to be fully fulfilled, healthy people. It would be easy to look at my IT job and think there’s no creativity involved, but I often have to use creative solutions to solve problems. The key to living a creative life is seeing problems as opportunities for growth, innovation, and improvement.

You can also take time to enjoy creative hobbies. I used to have a side job as a semi-professional horse photographer. I decided to leave behind the stress, and just enjoy photography for fun, and now I take pictures of whatever I want. I recently decided to try the 365 project, where you post a picture every day to remind myself to take time for my favorite creative pursuit every day.

Here are some other fun resources for exploring creativity:

  • Adult coloring books
  • Vision boards
  • Art journaling
  • Gardening
  • Online art classes
  • Dance classes

So have some fun and get creative!

Happy Eating!

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