Dealing with Stress

After missing out on last week due to the flu, I struggled with what to discuss in my YouTube live session yesterday. I have several ideas running around in my head. Time to site down and make a content calendar!

I settled in on dealing with stress, because it’s been something I’ve been struggling with lately and something I frequently discuss with clients, family, and friends.

Stress is one of the top health issues for Americans, and unfortunately, our bodies don’t really know the difference between chronic job/life stress and fighting for your life. Same physical effects. Imagine the toll it would take on your body if you were running from a serial killer for weeks on end?

Personally, I’ve been struggling with an extra 7-10 pounds, sleep issues, and gut issues because of stress, so I’m focusing heavily on my meditation practices to help balance things.

I highly recommend an exercise of deep belly breaths any time you’re stressed, which I explain in the video below.

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