Another Global Pandemic

Yesterday, I shared on YouTube my thoughts on another global pandemic – obesity. As I mention in the video below, this is NOT about fat shaming. NO ONE should EVER be shamed for what they eat or how they look. EVER. This is about trying to save lives.

3.4 million people diet every year from obesity related diseases. It’s easy to say that it’s their choice and not our problem, but it isn’t that simple.

The government subsidizes corn production when corn syrup is the largest source of caloric intake by Americans, and the consumption of corn syrup in processed foods directly contributes to obesity. Children are forced to go to schools serving unhealthy, addictive, processed foods as child obesity continues to increase exponentially.

Americans are not simply choosing obesity. They are succumbing to a sugar addiction 8 times more powerful than drug addiction, which motivates me every day to share health information and educate people that obesity is not only a global pandemic but also a very important social justice issue.


  1. My thoughts on the awful stuff they serve as food in the schools is that city governments should take the tax money used for food and give it to local restaurants to prepare real foods to the local schools. There are enough restaurants where each one can service only one school in order not to take away from their regular businesses.

    1. Unfortunately, many restaurants aren’t serving food that’s much better. I’ll have to give you my copy of Lunch Wars. There are some great women out there working with school cooks to source locally grown ingredients and cook healthy foods on-site, and they’re doing it without increasing the schools’ budgets.

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