Fighting Obesity

Two weeks ago, I talked about the obesity pandemic and how serious it is particularly here in the United States. Last week, I was enjoying a wonderful vacation, but I was back at it yesterday, sharing tips on what you can do to fight obesity at home.

In the video below, I cover three key ways to reduce your sugar intake:

  1. Reduce the processed foods with homemade whenever possible.
  2. Choose sugar free options (Example: natural peanut butter with no sugar and no sugar substitutes).
  3. Crowd out sugary treats (cake, cookies, etc.) with sweet natural foods (sweet potatoes, fruits, etc.)

For some, a sugar detox is the only answer. If you chose this, do NOT do it alone! I have given up cigarettes, meat, dairy, caffeine (more than once), and sugar. Sugar was by far the hardest! Remember… It’s 8 times more addictive than cocaine. If you’re going to do a sugar detox, set yourself up for success. Get a coach. Get a support network. Do NOT do it alone.

For everyone else, remember… Shoot for progress not perfection. Make small, sustainable changes. Once a change is your new normal. Move on to the next change.

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