Obesity as a Social Justice Issue

I’ve been talking about obesity the last few weeks. Three weeks ago, I talked about how bad the obesity pandemic has gotten and why it’s so important to actively address the obesity issue in the United States. Last week, I talked about ways you can fight obesity in your home.

This week, my focus was on fighting obesity as a social justice issue. When people first hear that obesity is a social justice issue, their first instinct is to counter with “Obesity as a choice”, but in a society where child obesity is on the rise at an alarming rate, we have to look at what we’re feeding our children in state-mandated school.

Another important issue is the food policies in this country, which are actively contributing to cost reductions for foods that are killing us and encouraging the production of crops in ways that reduce the nutritional value of food.

I hope this video inspired you to get educated and get involved!

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