Crowding Out

As we gear up for the holidays, all of us are going to be tempted with foods we shouldn’t eat and foods that make us feel bad. Crowding out can be a valuable tool to help you reduce the amount of unhealthy food you consume over the holidays and to increase your nutrient intake, so your body can better handle those unhealthy foods.

The idea with crowding out is to focus on increasing the healthy foods in your diet. Rather than setting ourselves up for failure by trying to eliminate things from our diet, we focus on setting ourselves up for success by adding things to our diet.

Crowding out has three main benefits. First, we set ourselves up for success. Second, we increase the healthy foods in our diet. Finally, because we’re filling up on healthy foods, decreasing the unhealthy foods in a pleasant byproduct.

Remember… The holidays are about enjoying the people we love and not about waking up the next day feeling bad. You can indulge and have fun without regretting it tomorrow! 🙂

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