Listening to Yourself

The first step in really getting to know yourself is to learn how to listen to yourself. In today’s society, we are largely disconnected from our bodies and our feelings. We eat on schedules instead of listening to our body’s rhythms, and we often react in the moment without thinking.

To get to know your body better, I recommend starting a food journal. Not a logger or a tracker, but a journal where you write about what you felt before you ate, about what you ate, and about what you felt after you ate. Get to know your body’s hunger signals, and get to know what your body does and doesn’t like!

To get to know your heart and mind better, I recommend taking time to journal about your feelings. Dig deep to find out what’s underneath. Are you angry because of what someone has done or because a childhood trauma was triggered? How can you deal with the situation differently?

Remember… You are the most important relationship in your life. If you don’t listen to you, who else will?

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