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Brown Recluse Spider Bite – Part II

Well… I had planned to do a video follow up and a post last week, but my spider bite had other plans. Here I am two weeks later, and still not up to doing a live video. My set up requires me to be at my desk in my office, which I can only do for a couple of hours a couple of times a week… Still… I wanted to give you some kind of update.

Warning… More gross pictures ahead. 🙂

Last week, I had several days of intense pain as new tissue was growing and healing the wound. It was much more painful than I expected. I thought that once the venom had been adsorbed out of my leg that the pain would be much more localized and much less intense, which it was for several days. As long as I wasn’t too active or didn’t touch it too much, I wasn’t in a lot of pain… Until the new tissue started forming.

Day 21

Last Monday (day 22), I barely slept. I took half a sick day on the next day to deal with the pain and exhaustion. I definitely wasn’t up to doing any work beyond what was absolutely necessary. BUT… this was happening, because the blisters were receding, and the new tissue was growing underneath to heal the wound. The dead skin on top was ready to start coming off.

The wound was continuing to decrease in size and heal well. We continued to treat every 4 hours with a charcoal paste. Between treatments we were washing with warm soap and water and spraying with an antiseptic spray. We were both still concerned about a secondary infection, despite the fact the activated charcoal paste is both antibacterial and antifungal.

Unfortunately, as the new skin emerged, we didn’t realize that we should sift gears to minimal treatment, and we continued to treat every four hours and cover. I started to develop a painful rash that I initially thought was irritation from the paper tape we had been using to apply the bandages. Two days later, we learned that it was actually my skin overdosing on antibiotics.

Day 26

So… By Saturday (day 27), I had a nasty painful rash the size of the bandages we had been using. From that day forward, we just washed with soap and water twice a day and left uncovered.

Today marks a full month since my spider bite. I actually had two sleep scores over 90 this week, which I know is helping with the healing. The rash is fading. It itches some, but is no longer painful. I can now cover the wound with dry clean gauze and an ace bandage for short periods of time (30 minutes or so). Hopefully, it will be long enough that I could actually leave the house.

Day 30

I am not healing as quickly as I had hoped. I’m not even close to back to my usual daily routine nevermind actually riding my horse. BUT I am healing faster than most. The more we researched brown recluse bite the more we learned I was having a severe reaction, which usually takes 3-6 months to heal. I am hopeful that I will be on the shorter side of that with minimal scaring.

Emotionally, I’m struggling. I’m limited from doing the things that bring me joy. I miss my horses terribly. I miss training my dogs. I miss the friends I do those things with. I’m bored and lonely. I’m tired of being in pain.

But I also have a wonderful husband who has been there for me every second of the way, even though I’m a terrible patient. 😉 I’m trying to stay positive and stay focused on how well I’m healing. I’m trying to do what I can to keep my spirits up. I even broke down and bought a Disney+ subscription to binge watch all the Marvel content!

I’m getting better every day and will be back soon! Prayers would be appreciated!

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