Brown Recluse Spider Bite – Part III

Well… The spider bite is still healing. I look back on my first update and chuckle at how naïve I was to think that I would be talking about how it healed in another two weeks. I’ve done a lot more research since then. The norm is three to six months. Even people who start immediately with activated charcoal heal in four to six weeks. I went six days allowing the venom to spread before starting the charcoal, so three months was a much more reasonable expectation!

Monday marked six weeks since the actual bite, and I’m healing well, but there have been a couple of bumps along the way. There are pictures below, so if you don’t have a strong stomach I recommend not scrolling to the bottom. Just watch the video update. 😉

Day 35

Click here if you want to catch up on the first two weeks, and click here to catch up on weeks three and four.

The reaction to the topical antibiotics cleared up in six days, as expected. Spending a week in the house, however, was NOT good for my mental health! While I’m an introvert and a homebody, I’m also someone who likes to spend a lot of time outside with my dogs and horses. The inactivity has definitely started getting to me to the point that I’m doing upper body workouts on the couch. 😀

Day 42

Week five was a week of rapid healing, so much so that we started measuring it! The area was reducing by one cubic millimeter a day. We started using betadine at the edge of the wound to slow things down a little and reduce the swelling around the edges. (That’s the odd orange color on the edges of today’s picture below.)

Near the end of week six we noticed significant swelling in one corner. It wasn’t squishy and didn’t look like tunneling, but it was getting concerning. I had decided that if it hadn’t gotten better by Monday morning, we would head to the clinic.

Day 45 (Today)

At 5:00 AM Monday morning, a hole opened up in the scab, and “good” drainage poured out. (I know WAY more than I ever wanted to about the various colors and consistency of drainage!!!)

We’re two days into week 7. The wound is flat and healthy. No rash. No sign of infection. No swelling. Still gross, but getting better and healing faster than the norm.

Sadly, I had to miss my nephew’s wedding Sunday, because I can’t travel. I’m trying to stay positive and grateful, but I won’t lie… I would love to work out, ride my horse, and play with my dogs!

Continued prayers are appreciated. 🙂

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