Home Cooking in My Kitchen

Home Cooking & My Awful Kitchen

Confession… I haven’t been cooking lately. I think it’s been at least 6 months since I’ve made a home cooked meal. Home cooking is my thing, and I’ve been avoiding it. 🙁

My Dysfunctional Kitchen

Let me tell you about my kitchen…

We’re currently renting a house. With 3 dogs (2 over 100 pounds), we didn’t have many options, but we wanted to rent, so we could take out time finding our forever home. This house had a fenced in backyard, and the landlord had no problem with our 3 dogs.

It was build in the early 50s. A washer and dryer hook up were added later, but our washer covers up half of our lower cabinets. Not that it matters. The lower cabinets are awful. We’ve had mouse problems and spider problems.

Our fridge is great, but it’s huge and takes up half the kitchen. Only one person can squeeze between the dryer and the refrigerator.

We don’t have a dishwasher, so half of our counter space is regularly used for drying hand-washed dishes. We have so little counter space that the top of our dryer is usually used for counter space. 😐

Home Cooking in My Kitchen

Why I’m Avoiding the Home Cooking

We’ve always had one person prep and the other cook, but it’s impossible to have two people in our current kitchen at the same time. There’s just no way we can cook together.

Our kitchen sucks the fun out of cooking. Between not being able to share it with my husband and having to handwash all the dishes, I just don’t want to be in the kitchen. Never mind actually cook.

In the winter, the tile floor is ice cold, which add another layer of wanting to be anywhere else. I loathe the cold. (That’s why I moved 1,000 miles south at 25!)

There’s only two of us in the house now, so if I don’t cook, my husband has to. He’s a pretty good cook, which has made it easy to just let him take over the kitchen. My spider bite made it even easier.

Home Cooking in My Kitchen

My Renewed Commitment to Home Cooking

The biggest improvement I’ve made to my diet is cutting out processed foods, which means either eating raw foods or cooking. Truth be told, I love cooking, especially if it means test driving a new healthy recipe or learning how to cook with a new ingredient.

Recovering from my spider bite has renewed my commitment to getting in the best shape of my life and having fun doing it. My husband is a good cook, but he isn’t very adventurous. Our meals are pretty consistent (boring!) when he cooks.

I want to try new recipes and find new favorite foods. We have three places to get fresh locally grown foods, and I’m itching to visit one. Coming home with a bag full of fresh foods makes me want to cook.

I hope it won’t be long until we have our dream kitchen, but I can’t keep letting our awful kitchen keep me from something I love!

Do you love to cook? What’s your favorite recipe?

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