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My ChocZero Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Obsession

I’m obsessed with ChocZero sugar free dark chocolate. I have a terrible sweet tooth. Always have. ChocZero helps me deal with my sweet cravings in a healthier way.

Why I Eat Sugar Free Chocolate

ChoCZero Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

I spent years thinking I was allergic to chocolate. I think that’s every woman’s worst food nightmare right? 😀 Turns out I was allergic to the dairy in milk chocolate.

When I discovered my dairy allergy, I decided to give dark chocolate a try. Love at first bite! But then I had to give up sugar. 🙁

I supposed I didn’t have to give up sugar–specifically cane sugar and corn syrup–but I didn’t want to live with what it does to my body. I can’t lose weight and have joint pain when I eat it.

I like the Russell Stover sugar free chocolates, but the dark chocolate (dairy free) are hard to find.

My Favorite ChocZero Products

ChocZero Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

In walks ChocZero…. With dairy free, sugar free options that don’t make me break out or aggravate my inflammatory issues.

Since I’m always super careful about trying new products, I started with just some dark chocolate squares. I was so impressed with the taste and quality that I’ve tried several other products.

My new favorite is the peach syrup! We found a great paleo pancake mix a while back, and I love Belgium waffles. Topped with ChocZero’s sugar free peach syrup, they’re divine!

My standbys are the sugar free dark chocolate square and the dark cholate peanut keto bark with sea salt. ChocZero offers chocolate chips too, but I find that if I’m not making cookies, I eat the whole bag. 😛 So I don’t buy those often, but I do recommend!

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