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My 2021 Fitness Goals That Didn’t Happen

I had ambitious 2021 fitness goals. I was going to get in the best shape of my life. But that just didn’t happen. Instead, getting bit by a brown recluse sidelined me for 3 months, and I’m in probably the worst shape of my life.

My 2021 Fitness Goals

When I started 2021, I wanted to build strength in my core, my arms, and my legs. I wanted to get back into a size 12, which is what I was wearing in my 20s.

I spent the first month of 2021 getting my “home gym” ready. It’s really just a corner in my office where I keep my resistance bands, yoga mat, and exercise ball. But I also have exercise charts to help me with stretching and my fitness bands.

Side note… One of my major life goals is to actually have a real home gym. 🙂

I had started searching for and trying workouts to build a weekly workout routine. The ultimate goal was to be in great shape for riding my horse and keeping up with my dogs.

My 2021 Fitness Goals

Where I Am

As you know, that didn’t happen. Instead, I spent most of the summer sitting with one leg elevated. The spider bite ordeal started on June 7th, and it wasn’t until the last week of August that I was able to work normally.

Despite that I did lose all of the 20 pounds I gained last year fighting gut health issues plus 3 more pounds. I’m thrilled about that! I am. What’s disappointing is the state of my muscles. My poor muscles are WEAK.

I have always been very active. I spend a lot of time with my dogs and horses, both of which require physical activity. I’ve always had a relatively easy time making my 10,000 step goal on my FitBit.

In the weeks after the spider bite, my steps were averaging 1,500-2,000 steps a day. I was moving as little as possible.

Now, I have to gain back a lot of muscle mass. 🙁

The Love Your Body Challenge

This is my number one reason for kicking of the Love Your Body Challenge. I’ve given my body time to rest and heal, but now I’m ready to MOVE!

I’m going to spend the last three months of the year getting my body back to normal, so I can start 2022 with ambitious health goals. I want that for you too!

I’m going to show you the easy, low-stress method that I’ve used to lose weight without counting calories, carbs, or anything else. I want you to experience a reconnection to your body.

Click here and join me in the challenge and end 2021 loving your body and ready for 2022!

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