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Getting Past Scale Anxiety

For me, scale anxiety was one of the major obstacles to my weight loss. This is why we’re weighing in daily for the Love Your Body Challenge.

Why We Weigh in Daily

I’m not a fan of logging meals or meticulously counting carbs, calories, or anything else. It goes against my basic philosophy that getting healthy should be about creating habits you can live with for the rest of your life.

That being said, when we’re trying to lose weight, weighing ourselves every day can help us get past scale anxiety and deal with the emotions we have around our weight.

By weighing in every day, not only do we desensitize ourselves to the normal weight fluctuations we see from time to time, but we also gather enough data to see trends. We can see our progress over time despite those fluctuations.

Why We Experience Scale Anxiety

The name for scale anxiety is gravitophobia, and it comes from a belief that weight management involves strict control. Unfortunately, many of us have bought a bill of good when it comes to weight loss.

We convince ourselves that the pint of ice cream we at two days ago is the reason the scale went up this morning. We beat ourselves up for every little misstep, because we just don’t have enough will power to lose the weight.

I call BS.

Most of us are carrying around extra weight not because we ate cake last night, but because we’re addicted to sugar and processed food, or we’re suffering from food allergies, or we’re just not getting enough vitamins in our diet.

In any case, we need to get past the scale anxiety and the idea that we need to follow strict diet to lose weight. Losing weight is NOT about will power.

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Why We Need to Let It Go

I know from experience how scary it is to weigh in every day. I get all the things that ran through your mind in the moments before you step on the scale.

I’ve beaten myself up for that extra 100 calories, because the number on the scale went up. I’ve gotten excited about dropping a pound just to be crushed when I stepped on the scale the next day.

We’re going to weigh in daily and get over our scale anxiety. Together, we’re going to accept that our weight fluctuates and that it’s normal.

We’re going to stay focused on making good habits… together. If you’re struggling, drop me a comment. I’m here to help!

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