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Shifting Focus – Connecting to Our Bodies

Connecting to our bodies is becoming a bigger and bigger theme in my life. You’re going to start seeing that reflected here. It’s not so much a shift in focus as it is a deepening of focus.

What I’m Experiencing

As I mentioned back in August, spending the Summer on the couch provided an opportunity for some serious self-discovery.

As a result, I’ve been experiencing a lot of synchronicity lately. (Carl Jung defined synchronicity as circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection.)

For example, what would you expect to learn about your health from watching old episodes of the Dog Whisperer? Not much right? Well… I’ve been picking up a lot.

Whether you look at my personality type, my Strength Finders strengths, or my Dharma type, I’m a person who sees the link between things. Often, I see it before others do. It’s my super power… Or my curse! Not sure which sometimes.

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Lately, I’ve been feeling like health coaching just isn’t enough. It only scratches the surface of what’s going on for my clients, and I want so much to give them lasting transformation.

Connecting to our Bodies

In watching old episodes of the Dog Whisperer and the latest season of Dog: Impossible, I was floored by how much pet owners couldn’t read their dogs’ body language. I’m not talking about subtle hints. I’m talking about very obvious red flags.

Then, I began to watch them instead of their dogs. I realized that they couldn’t read human body language either.

In my own health journey and in my coaching, a common thread is that people don’t know themselves well enough to know what hungry feels like. They don’t have any idea what their own bodies are telling them.

It was a shocking revelation to see that as a species we are so disconnected from our bodies. But it’s also very helpful, because connecting to our bodies can mean so much for us.

What This Means for You

So… What exactly will you see here? I’m not sure. I’m feeling my way through this.

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A little known fact about me… I’ve been an ordained Minister since 2002, and my Christian journey influences my health journey. You can definitely expect to see more talk about spirituality and connection to our creator.

Part of both my spiritual journey and my health journey has been an acknowledgment of the damage done by Christian culture in the US. So… Expect to see more of that.

Part of my journey in life has been a deep connection to animals and a concern for their humane stewardship here on plant earth. In fact, my other blog is all about my rescue pups. While I won’t be bringing all that in here, I will be talking more about our connections to God’s creation.

I don’t know where exactly this will lead, but do expect things to get deeper and more spiritual here. Also, I’ll be taking more classes and learning how to integrate my spiritual work and health coaching into a single life coaching practice.

Thank you for your continued support on this crazy journey we call life! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my email list (top of the sidebar or below) to see what’s next!

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