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Learning Our Satiation Cues

Learning our satiation cues provides the next building block of a healthy relationship with food. Once you know when you’re hungry, you have to learn to recognize when you’re satisfied.

Full vs. Satisfied

Most of us eat until we’re full. We all know what full feels like, right? I need to unbutton my pants. I need to take a nap…

If we called full a 5 and hungry a 1, satisfied would be a 3. We’re no longer hungry, but we’re not so full we need to unbutton our pants.

Keep in mind that to know what your body feels like when it’s satisfied, you have to slow down. We often eat until we’re full, because we eat too fast and drive right by satisfied.

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Learning Our Satiation Cues

While satiation cues are different for everyone, be on the look out for a few common indicators.

Have you ever noticed that the first bite never tastes as good as the last bite? That’s totally normal! Your desire for food changes how you respond to the taste.

When we slow down and pay attention to the way each bite tastes, we start to notice a point when we don’t want the food as much.

How it works is different for everyone, but in general, you’re looking for how it feels when you stop wanting the food so much. Those feelings are your satiation cues.

Breaking the Habit of Overeating

One of the hardest things for me in creating healthy habits? Breaking the habit of eating too fast and too much.

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Learning my satiation cues and breaking the habit of eating too much took me a long time. I’m still a work in progress.

It’s been totally worth the effort though. Now, when I eat (most of the time anyway), I enjoy my food more, and I don’t leave the table bloated and uncomfortable.

Now, I leave the table feeling good about my choices.

When we learn to only eat when hungry and stop when satisfied, we can use food to fuel our bodies rather than feed our emotions. We can break the chain of emotional eating.

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