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Take the Time to Enjoy Our Food

We’ve learned to eat when hungry and stop when satisfied. Now, we’re going to learn to take the time to enjoy our food!

Our Need to Rush

We live in a world where powering through is revered. We don’t honor time to rest, reflect, or…. digest. But our bodies need that time to function properly.

We often add our meals to the list of things to do for the day. The average American eats 11 meals from a drive through window!

Doing that often means we miss satisfied and end up at stuffed, and it means we don’t properly chew or digest what we’ve eaten.

This is why so many of us come back from lunch wishing we could go home and take a nap!

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Our Need to Multi-Task

One of the biggest problems I (and many other women) have is our need to multi-task. We need to be productive while we eat.

Except that we don’t. We need to rest and digest when we eat!

Since I work from a home office, I have to make an effort to step out of the office and away from the desk to focus on mindful eating.

The same applies on the weekends. I have to stop trying to get errands done or fold laundry while I’m eatnig.

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Enjoy Our Food!

For our bodies to function at their best, we need to take the time to enjoy our food.

When we do, we take the time to chew properly, we recognize when we’re full, and we’re relaxed enough to properly digest our food.

Taking the time to enjoy our food also gives us a richer experience of our food which improves our bodies satisfaction with our meal.

While our food choices should be about fueling our bodies, let’s be honest. Food is a sensual experience, and we will be more satisfied by the experience if we take the time to enjoy our food!

How’s the Love Your Body Challenge going for you? What are you struggling with? Drop my a comment, and let’s work on it together!

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