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Exploring Your Cravings

Exploring your cravings provides insight into the whys of your eating habits. For me, I discovered some unexpected emotional eating habits.

The Sources of Cravings

Food cravings are really common. In fact, more than 90% of us experience them!

Two common physical sources of cravings are nutrient imbalances and hormone imbalances, both of which are very common in individuals eating a Standard American Diet.

Memories can cause strong cravings as well. Did you know that eating cake today could actually cause you to want it tomorrow too?

Last but not least… Our emotions can cause VERY strong food cravings!

exploring your cravings
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The Emotional Eating Connection

In both my personal experience and my experience as a health coach, emotional cravings are the hardest to detect and the hardest to overcome.

Many of the steps we’ve already discussed will help you explore your cravings and identify the root cause, because those habits develop mindful eating.

One of the things I discovered in exploring my cravings…. I eat when I’m lonely. As an introvert, it’s easy to isolate myself and resort to eating instead.

I also discovered that my husband and I tend to use food as a love language, which can lead to eating when I’m not hungry.

Exploring Your Cravings

So how do you get started? If you’re participating in the Love Your Body Challenge, you’ve already started by keeping a food journal.

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In our food journals, we’re tracking our feelings before, during, and after eating. Eventually, you start to see trends.

Take a look at your feelings before, during, and after addressing your cravings. You’ll find that exploring those feelings will start to reveal what drives your cravings.

Once you start exploring your cravings, you can start to understand them and respond differently to them. For me, that was the first step in changing my relationship to food and my body.

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