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Life Purpose Coaching

I’m so happy to announce that I can now offer Life Purpose Coaching! This is the first step in my journey to becoming a Master Life Coach.

A Deeper Direction

I mentioned a while back that my summer on the couch led to some serious soul-searching. I’d been feeling like my health coaching just wasn’t having the impact I wanted.

What I didn’t mention was that I had all these other business ideas. At one point, I was working on 4 lines of business!

My Origin membership gave me several tools to start unpacking what I needed to do to consolidate and dig deeper.

I landed on incorporating my work as a Minister and focusing on other women who had been injured by misguided Christian traditions.

Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching

My year-long health coach training provided a ton of training on how to coach people. I learned how to ask probing questions and how to listen for the clues of what is really going on with my clients.

I learned how to work with a client to create an action plan and how to support my client and lovingly hold my client accountable.

But the course I just completed taught me how to use those skills to help a client uncover her life purpose–a skill I didn’t have as a health coach.

I chose to take this course first, because in health coaching the number one reason my clients were struggling tied directly back to feeling as though they weren’t living their life purpose.

What This Means for You

What does this mean for you? My Work with Me page includes new offerings and a new, more flexible coaching structure.

Are you struggling with issues of burnout or self-esteem? Are you wondering what your purpose is or how to transition to working your life purpose? I’m here for you!

My Life Purpose Coaching mission is to help women reconnect to their bodies and their creator for more purpose, self-worth, and joy.

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I am so excited for this new phase of my business. Seeing all of my passions come together in an integrated whole is amazing. I would love to help you do the same!

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