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Changing Our Response to Cravings

We’ve explored our cravings and now understand why, what, and when we crave. Now, we can begin changing our response to cravings.

Our Natural Response

Because our cravings can sometimes be a response to nutritional or hormonal imbalances, we’re pre-programed to respond to cravings by filling those cravings.

Our minds also try to keep us in the past or future, which contributes to eating without being mindful of what our body really needs.

All of that means that our natural response when we crave chips or cookies is to eat the chips or cookies… All the chips or cookies!

But that doesn’t mean we’re stuck doing that. There are alternatives.

Changing Our Response to Cravings

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Our response to cravings should depend on the why behind our cravings.

If we’re having a craving driven by physical needs, we need to address the physical need. For example, dark chocolate helps reduce my PMS symptoms, so I sometimes indulge in small amounts of dark chocolate.

If we’re craving an indulgence, that’s ok too. A healthy relationship with food means eating treats sometimes. So have the chips, but put a measured amount in a bowl.

If our cravings come from an emotional need, STOP. Explore the emotional need, and explore how you can feed the need WITHOUT food.

A Healthier Road Ahead

Getting food and emotional needs separated helps tremendously in changing our response to cravings and building a healthier relationship to food.

Another key is to fill the craving without letting it turn into mindless snacking.

Portion control provides a healthy way to indulge without letting it get out of control. Sometimes I crave chocolate cake. Instead of making and eating a cake, I go to the bakery and get a single slice.

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We also have the option of finding healthier choices. If we’re craving chips, sometimes what we want is a salty crunch or some ranch dip, and cucumbers slices can make a yummy substitute!

The work we’ve done over the last week and a half with cravings has helped us all get to know our bodies better and understand that sometimes what we feel physically is an emotional need that deserves and emotional response.

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