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Why You Have to Love Yourself

You have to love yourself. Why? Because you set the standard for all your relationships, and YOU are your most important relationship!

Our Culture of Self-Sacrifice

We live in a world that consistently tells us that we should sacrifice ourselves for others.

We’re taught that we’ll sleep when we’re dead, that we should be productive at work and at home, and that everyone is more important than we are.

But what’s the reality of consistent self-sacrifice?

We end up burned out, resentful, and exhausted. We deserve better.

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Why You Need to Love Yourself

You are the most important relationship in your life. No one knows you as well as you do, and no one knows what you need as well as you do.

We all know why they tell you on an airplane to put on your oxygen mask first before helping someone else.

It isn’t selfish. If you pass out, you are no longer able to help someone else. If your basic needs aren’t met, you can’t meet anyone else’s needs.

For God’s plan to work, we need YOU. The whole you. You doing you.

If you don’t meet your needs, who will? How will anyone else know what you need?

Some Tips for Healing Yourself

First, make sure you know what you need. It might seem obvious, but 10 years ago, I had no idea what I needed, and I’m not alone.

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Take time every day to explore how you feel, what makes you happy, what makes you feel fulfilled.

Carve out time every day to do things that bring you joy. Experiencing joy every day fills your cup and lets you do more for yourself and others.

Most of all remember that you deserve to be loved, and that starts with how you treat yourself!

How are you doing in the Love Your Body Challenge? What’s challenging you? Reach out, and let me help you!


  1. This is such a great article. I have on many occasions put everyone else ahead of me: siblings, church, and friends when what I needed was to relax and calm down internally.

    1. All of us do! We’re so programmed to take care of everyone else first, but when we take care of ourselves, we have so much more to give.

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