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Why It’s Important to Wait for Christmas

While a lot of people are rushing into Christmas, I want to share with you why I think it’s important to wait for Christmas.

The Advent Season

If you didn’t grow up in a liturgical church, you may not have experienced the beauty of the Advent season.

Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmas Eve and the birth of Jesus. It is a time of waiting and preparing for the arrival of our Lord and Savior in the world.

Advent is a time for reflection and rest, a time for preparation and anticipation.

My birthday typically falls on or after the second Sunday of Advent. For me, this time of year has always been a special time of gratitude for the previous year and anticipation of the year to come.

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Wait for Christmas

I know a lot of people who love to rush into Christmas. My neighbors put up their Christmas display the week before Thanksgiving.

While I do think people should do what makes them happy, I think rushing through the waiting and anticipation of Advent makes the season a little less special.

To wait for Christmas is to live in the present, to experience the darkness before the dawn.

And doesn’t that make the dawn so much sweeter?

The Joy to Come

I look forward to the joy that’s coming, the light that enters the world on Christmas Eve. But I want to enjoy the anticipation and planning too.

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I want to be fully present in the darkness and fully present for the joy to come.

On Christmas Eve, I will be the one singing “Joy to the World” with every breath of air I can muster.

But until then… I will be fully present in the waiting.

Do you celebrate Christmas? When do you start? Drop me a comment, and let’s talk!

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