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Healthy Treat Alternatives

Breaking a sugar addiction is HARD. Overcoming mindless snacking is HARD. But finding healthy treat alternatives can really help. I know, because they’ve been a life saver for me.

Sugar Addiction & Mindless Snacking

I’m sure I’m not alone in this…

Have you ever taken sliver after sliver off a cake only to realize you ate the whole cake? Ever sit down with a family size bag of chips and look down at the end of a movie to find you ate the whole thing?

More times than I can count. 🙁

It’s easy to not pay attention, and it’s easy to ignore the signs… Until you feel guilty the next day.

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Eating Sugar Free Sweets

Getting past the mindless snacking was hard. I had to slow down, pay attention, and create some new habits, but the sugar addiction…

One of the best tools I found? Sugar free sweets.

Discovering ChocZero’s line of sugar free dark chocolate and syrups really helped. Finding Russell Stover sugar free candy at the local dollar store helped too.

I also learned how to trade out things like whole dates for cane sugar, so I could make sugar free treats at home.

Healthy Treat Alternatives

A favorite in our house has always been ice cream, but it’s hard to find ice cream that’s dairy free AND sugar free.

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One of my favorite healthy hacks is to make milkshakes with frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, and unsweetened almond milk. Cold, sweet, and YUM!

Another healthy hack I learned is to replace lemon juice and garlic for salt. Believe it or not, the combined flavor tastes like salt!

I also keep nuts on hand when I’m craving potato chips. Yes, raw, unsalted nuts are better for you, but roasted nuts are healthier than potato chips. I’m all about the progress!

Whether your trying to beat a sugar addiction or mindless snacking (or both!), don’t beat yourself up if you don’t succeed the first time. I didn’t succeed the first 200 times! Take it easy on yourself and use sugar free treats as as way to tame the cravings.

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