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Understanding Storm Eating

Storm eating is a type of binge eating and is often followed by shame and guilt. For me, it usually follows getting too hungry. 🙁

How it Happens

Clean and Delicious provides a great description of storm eating:

You are aware that you are eating and you want to stop but you feel like you can’t stop or like you can’t control yourself.  It’s almost like you are watching another person inside your own body.  Sometimes this happens if we let ourselves get too hungry and sometimes it happens when we have an overwhelming emotion that we do not want to feel.  Storm eating is usually followed by regret and shame.  Many times it’s done in private or in hiding.

99% of the time, I’ve ended up storm eating when I overbook my day and forget to include plans for food. I come home and eat everything in sight.

It has also happened when I’m fighting with someone I love or I’m depressed. I used to like to take my feelings out on my body… And not in a good way.

My experiences are pretty typical of what I’ve found in friends, family, and health coaching clients.

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How to Avoid Storm Eating

How do you avoid it?

First… Plan ahead. Don’t overbook yourself, don’t skip meals, and make sure you have time and recourses to eat regularly.

Second, before you put anything in your mouth ever, ask yourself three things:

  • Am I really hungry?
  • What do I really need or want?
  • What is the healthiest way to feed my need?

It may seem overly simple, but it works! Just taking the time to slow down and be mindful makes all the difference in the world.

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For those of us that experience storm eating, learning to recognize what precedes it and how to avoid it help us get on the road to healthier eating habits.

Do you struggle with storm eating? Drop me a comment, and let’s talk!

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