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Daily Habit of Appreciation

This week, I’m sharing my daily habit of appreciation. I use it to stay focused on the positive in my life.

Gratitude vs. Appreciation

For years, I had a practice of making a gratitude list, but I no longer do that for two reasons. First, gratitude implies owing, and I prefer focusing on love freely given.

Second, gratitude practices tend to become habits to check off a list without feeling the love. They tend to lose the actual embodiment of gratitude.

Appreciation practices are more about embodying appreciation for the person, thing, or experience you’re appreciating.

My Daily Habit of Appreciation

These days, I start every day with a review of what I have on my plate for the day. I take a little time to think about how much I’m looking forward to each thing and appreciate the opportunity.

daily habit of appreciation

As I’m imaging the future event, I send love to the people involved and appreciate their presence and participation in my life.

I also end each day with a review of the events of the day, thinking about all the people who graced my day.

As I think about those events, I think about the love and appreciation I feel for the people in my life. I appreciate the moments that made me feel loved.

Some Options for You

If you feel moved to, try my daily habits! If not, let’s look at some alternatives.

You could spend a little time journaling each day for the things that most moved you. As you do, make sure you’re really feeling the love and appreciation.

You could also try a slightly different take on a gratitude list. As you make your list, stop and take a few minutes to really appreciate each person or item on your list!

As with every practice, be sure to give it 30 days before adjusting. Appreciation helps raise your vibration, but the key is to FEEL it.

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