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Daily Alanon Reading

As a long-time Alanon member, my habits include daily Alanon reading. My readings work with my journaling, prayer, and meditation to keep me spiritually connected.

The Alanon Program

The Alanon program is for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts. It’s based on the 12 steps adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Members meet to share experience, strength, and hope. They love and accept one another without judgement.

One of the tools of the program is daily reading of Alanon Conference Approved Literature (CAL).

Daily Alanon Reading

Alanon has three daily readers:

Each reader has the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Each also includes a daily sharing of an Alanon member’s experience, strength, and hope.

In addition, there are topic listings in the back of the book ranging from self-esteem to acceptance to hope.

At minimum, I read the daily readings for today’s date. Sometimes, I’ll look up additional readings on the topic I’m dealing with at the time.

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Some Options for You

If a family member or friend is struggling with addiction, I recommend an Alanon daily reader.

If not, there are several great daily readers. Look for one one that speaks to where you are in your personal development.

Be sure to look for a reader that can provide inspiration for daily prayer, meditation, and journaling. This is my personal favorite: An Ignatian Book of Days.

(TIP: When looking for a reading, try searching for “365 days of [TOPIC]” on Amazon!)

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First, reading a daily devotional can give you journal prompts or things to appreciate. Second, daily devotional reading can provide ideas to carry with you throughout your day.

What are your daily habits? What is one habit you would like to add to your daily practices?

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