Picking Up Old Dreams

It’s been a crazy year and a half. I’ve had so many life changes–all for the better–that I’ve had to take some time to catch my breath. I’ve also been picking up old dreams I had given up for other people.

Catching My Breath

I’ve been taking the last few months to settle into my new life in my new state with my new husband and family. It’s been a HUGE change for me, my dogs, and my horses, and we’ve all needed some time to settle in.

To recap the major events over the last 18 months…

Brown recluse bite, divorce, moved to a new state, got married to my first love, and changed jobs. My husband has also had to deal with three deaths in the family in the last year.

So… I entered a serious time of rest and recovery to process all the change. Over the last three weeks, I’ve been working on creating new vision boards, new goals, and new plans for the next phase of my life.

Picking Up Old Dreams

As I’ve been reflecting and re-visioning, picking up old dreams is the theme tying it all together. Over the last 20 years, I’ve given up on a lot of dreams, because the people who “loved” me didn’t support me.

I’m fortunately now have a husband who does support my dreams and who has encouraged me to rediscover the women I had always hoped I would become.

Many of those old dreams relate to my farm and my horses. I had so much I wanted to do with my horses and homesteading, but in the end, I had to sell two of my horses, both great ranch prospects. I had to give up my dream of being a rep for TW Saddlery and Specializes Saddles and a certified riding instructor, and my farm become a nightmare.

Picking Up Old Dreams

With the addition of a new mare to our herd a few weeks ago and a new mare in the Spring, I will slowly be getting back to my riding and training goals. I will be working on getting our farm up to speed and getting the money saved for my certification.

I will also be back on the homesteading train. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I advocate for shopping at the farmers market rather than the grocery store. The only thing better is growing your own!

What’s Next

So what’s next for me and my professional life? As promised a few months ago, this site is making a shift away from health coaching to focus more on life and spiritual coaching, and my blog entries will focus more on my personal brand.

I also have a new site coming… Stayed tuned! I promised an announcement back in May, but I’ve taken some time off. It’s still coming!

This isn’t the first plot twist in my life, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I appreciate your sticking around and taking this ride with me! Drop me a comment, and let me know what’s going on in your life!

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