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A Confession… I’m Struggling

I have to confess. I’m struggling to get back to writing. I love to write. It’s always been my dream to be a full-time writer, but I’m tragically stuck.

I had planned to take a few months off to move and get settled in my new life in Florida, but I just haven’t been able to get it back together. I’ve been frustrated with myself and frustrated with my inertia.

But I haven’t been able to get it together and get back to work.

I realized this week why. I’m tired of the rules. I’m tired of constraints. I’m tired of trying to write MY story according to other people’s rules.

I’m also not sure about where I’m going. I know I want to share my story to help other women. I know I want to write, speak, and coach again.

But I don’t know what any of that looks like right now.

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So… I’ve been throwing myself into my day job, into my horses, and into my dogs. I’ve been spending some time reading, journaling, and binge watching my favorite TV shows.

Sometimes you need to let life be fallow and experience winter. So that’s where I am. I’m metaphorically hanging out under a blanket in front of a fire contemplating the next phase of my business, my writing, and my life.

I’m getting back to my writing, but for a little while my posts will be a more personal and a lot less bound by the rules of good blogging. I want to spend some time letting you get to know me.

How are you doing as we step into the holiday season? Drop me a comment!

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