Reflecting on 2022

I’ve spent the day flying solo for the first time since my surgery. In addition to missing my husband, I’m spending time getting caught up on work and reflecting on the last year.

While catching up on email, a passage from Rha Goddess really hit home:

As women, we often show up in environments tucking vital aspects of ourselves out of view. We haven’t felt entitled to express authentically because we haven’t felt the permission to just BE who we really are. Which includes activating the natural aspects of our intelligence, like our empathy or intuition, when we need them most.  […] We often mold ourselves to fit a role that asks us to show up with parts missing. As a result, we enter rooms at a deficit.

She perfectly articulated what has been rattling around my head and heart throughout the year.

I’ve spent most of the 2022 recovering from a life spent trying to hide my authentic self to make other people feel better, making sure I censored my speech, my writing, and even my clothing.

I’ve spent years working on my self-esteem so I could finally feel worthy of my friends and the man I love. Now that I’m ready to accept their love, I also have to acknowledge that I’ve censored the very things they love about me.

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One of the promises I made to myself this year was to give myself permission to be unapologetically ME. Not bits and pieces of me, but all of me.

I’ve slowly been uncovering and reclaiming who that is. It’s only after deciding to be your whole self that you begin to realize just how much of yourself you’ve buried or hidden.

My goal for 2023 is to reclaim all the parts of me that I’ve silenced or censored in trying to make myselfmore palatable for others. This year will be the year that I rediscover my authentic self, my full self.

What do you have planned for 2023?

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