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Healthy Treat Alternatives

Breaking a sugar addiction is HARD. Overcoming mindless snacking is HARD. But finding healthy treat alternatives can really help. I know, because they’ve been a life saver for me. Sugar Addiction & Mindless Snacking I’m sure I’m not alone in this… Have you ever taken sliver after sliver off a cake only to realize you …

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Eating 30 Plant Points a Week

I recently shared an article by the Gut Health Doctor Dr. Megan Rossi recommending we eat 30 servings of vegetables a week. Let’s talk about why that’s so important! What We’re Missing One of the biggest deficiencies in the Standard American Diet is fiber, despite the fact that we know fiber has many health benefits. …

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Exploring Your Cravings

Exploring your cravings provides insight into the whys of your eating habits. For me, I discovered some unexpected emotional eating habits. The Sources of Cravings Food cravings are really common. In fact, more than 90% of us experience them! Two common physical sources of cravings are nutrient imbalances and hormone imbalances, both of which are …